HENU or Having Equipment Near You, is an online peer to peer marketplace where you can list, find and rent construction equipment fast and easy. Our mission is simple, help you find what you are looking for so you can quickly go back to taking care of your business.

As an owner, you can list your equipment for rent on HENU and make some extra bucks to continue growing your business or even pay your mortgage. As a renter, you will easily find and rent the equipment you need, located nearest to you and for the best price.

Our story

The founders of HENU have experienced first-hand the issues of owning and renting out equipment. As equipment owners, we always found our equipment sitting idle between projects or even during a project. As renters, we experienced that renting from traditional rental companies was such a hassle and so expensive. Most of the times it was easier to rent from friends we knew in the industry but we were limited to renting only from the people we knew. And when the people we knew did not have the equipment we were looking for, we had no choice but to go to a rental company. These issues led us to the believe that there must be a better way to rent equipment, and HENU was born.

We'd love to hear what you think about HENU and how to improve our service. Please reach us at support@henuequipment.com