There are two fees related to rentals

    Renter service fee: we add a 5.00% - 5.00% service fee to renter payments every time there is a successful rental to keep HENU running smoothly with 24/7 customer support.

    Owner service fee: we deduct a 3.50% - 5.00% service fee from owner payouts every time there is a successful rental that is destined to pay for stripe’s financial transactions and other services.

    Listing Equipment for Sale

    Listing equipment for Sale on HENU is completely free. When you upload equipment onto our sales platform we market your listings worldwide at no cost. There are no monthly or per listing charges or fees. ONLY if the equipment is sold will HENU charge the greater of 500$ or 2% commission on the equipment sale price.

    HENU’s fees and commissions may not be limited to the ones listed above.